Advisor Code Of Conduct

We adhere to the following:

Good for Plan Members and Employees

We resolve to only implement programs and solutions that seek and have the likely outcome of improving the plan sponsor’s bottom line, the plan members’ bottom line, and most importantly, the plan members’ health.

Programs Should Do No Harm

We resolve that brokers & advisors should do no harm to member health, corporate integrity, or member or employer finances. Instead we will endeavor to support member well-being for our customers, their employees and all program constituents.

Employee Benefits and Harm Avoidance

We will only recommend implementing programs with/for employees rather than to them, and will focus on promoting responsible practices for the health plans we serve. Our choices of programs and strategies shall always prioritize best outcomes at the lowest possible cost, in that order, with a strong focus on the responsibility that an employer should provide affordable coverage for their employees while respecting the financial integrity of the business.

Respect for Corporate Integrity and Employee Privacy

We will ensure that all protected health information (PHI) adheres to HIPPA regulations and any other applicable laws.

Commitment to Transparency

Our focus shall be to bring transparency to all levels of healthcare financing from how we get paid, to how insurance companies and PBM’s get paid to how providers get paid.

Commitment to Valid Outcomes Measurement

Our contractual language and outcomes reporting will be transparent and plausible. The end goal is to improve outcomes and quality of care while lowering costs and the ability to do this small be measured and reported on in a valid, consistent, and accountable format.